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Our Committee consist of students who comes from diverse background and committed to work together in this event for the development of Indonesia.

Board of Patron: 

  1. Primatia Romana Wulandari (President of Australia Awards Scholars Club)

  2. Ray Franklin Dixon (President of PPIA - University of Melbourne)

  3. LPDP Victoria Community






Event Director: Albertus Andhika (University of Melbourne)

Co-Event Director: Eva Medianti (Monash University)

Logistics Coordinator: Ray Franklin Dixon (University of Melbourne)

Venue Coordinator: Vania Somamora (University of Melbourne)

Lead Reviewer: Muhammad Nazil Iqdami (Monash University)
Reviewer Manager: Ferry Fadli (University of Melbourne)

Secretary: Widy Arini Nur Hidayah (University of Melbourne)

Media Coordinator: Bianca Suparto (University of Melbourne)

Co-Media Coordinator: Sasya Natasanthi (University of Melbourne)


Event Supervisor:

  1. Benazir Maharani (Monash University)

  2. Luciana Chendrawati (Monash University)

  3. Novia Hadi Angkata Marhang (Monash University)


Program E-book Editor: Patricia Jesica Irene (University of Melbourne)


Creative Design Creator: Evelynd (Monash University) 


Participant Coordinators:

  1. Ani Muflihah (Monash University)

  2. Anis (Victoria university)

  3. Firda (Monash University)

  4. Nini Salwa istiqamah (University of Melbourne)



  1. Ahmad Adi Pranoto (University of Melbourne)

  2. Garlan Duarsa (University of Melbourne)

  3. Luqman Yanuar (University of Melbourne)

  4. Ratih Widhiantari (University of Melbourne)


Presentation Manager:

  1. Adam Bahfen (Monash University)

  2. Andrea Natsky (University of Melbourne)

  3. Francesco Wowor (Monash University)

  4. Chalida Zia Firdausi (University of Melbourne)


Publication Division:

  1. Kartika Anggita (Monash University)

  2. Kuntayuni (RMIT University)

  3. Made Utari Rimayanti (University of Melbourne)

  4. Nudia Imarotul Husna (Monash University)

  5. Rika Nuriana (Monash University)


Media Division:

  1. Livestream Specialist: Sasya Natasanthi (University of Melbourne)

  2. Social media manager: Taska Amani (University of Melbourne)

  3. Social media manager: Clara Kosasih (University of Melbourne)

  4. Media Videographer: Naufal Fikri (University of Melbourne)

  5. Media Photographer: Syarafina Sentausa (University of Melbourne)


Event Photographer Division:

  1. Afdhal F. Syamsuddin (Monash University)

  2. Andi Azka Faurianthi Poetri (Monash University)

  3. Putri Fatkhiyatul Ulya (University of Melbourne)


Videographer Division:

  1. Artania Raharso (University of Melbourne)

  2. Bramy Biantoro (Monash University)

  3. Wahyu Nova Riski (University of Melbourne)

  4. Wenny Aulia (University of Melbourne)



  1. Drajat Anggoro (Monash University)

  2. Elfryanty Novita (Monash University)

  3. Fatima Rahmah (Monash University)

  4. Herfi Qurrotta Hanina (University of Melbourne)


Music Division:

  1. Dona Niagara Dinata (Monash University)

  2. Ferry Fadli (University of Melbourne)

  3. Herfi Qurrotta Hanina (University of Melbourne)

  4. Indra Dwi Prasetyo (Monash University)

  5. Made Utari Rimayanti (University of Melbourne)

  6. Syafira Amadea (University of Melbourne)

  • Albertus Andhika (President of LPDP Awardee at University of Melbourne)

  • Eva Medianti (President of LPDP Awardee at Monash University)

  • Zulprianto (President of LPDP Awardee at Deakin University)

  • Agung Andiojaya (President of LPDP Awardee at RMIT University)

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